Airedale Swing Dance Festival

Lindy Hop
Charleston Balboa Shag Blues
Airedale Swing Dance Festival 11th - 13th June 2021 (postponed from June 2020) 
In these exceptional circumstances of self isolating & social distancing due to COVID 19 it has been impossible to go ahead with the festival as planned in June 2020

Our venue Victoria Hall are currently closed until further notice with no clarity as to when this position might change but they have been very helpful in enabling us to reschedule the event.


Many of our dancers have already indicated that they would be happy to defer existing registrations & we hope to be able to maintain the original band line up as much as possible


Venue: Victoria Hall, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3JN

Rescheduled Date: 11th - 13th June 2021

Pass Types & Costs
Full Weekend Pass:

£40 (Early Bird) each for Single Lead or Single Follow

£80 (Early Bird) for Matched Lead Follow Pair
(only 1 registration required for matched pairs, just tell us who your partner is in the appropriate box)

Individual party passes will be made available at a later date (subject to maintaining a balanced Lead/Follow ratio) please contact us for details

Friday Evening 11th June (7.30pm - 12.30 am) -
 Live music from Swingamathing


Saturday Afternoon 12th June (1.30pm - 5.30 pm) - Live music from The David Broad Trio


Saturday Evening 12th June (8.00pm - 1.00 am) - Live music from Alligator Gumbo + David Broad (Solo)


Sunday Afternoon 13th June (1.30pm - 5.30 pm) - Live music from (TBC)

Themes: The overarching theme for Airedale Swing Dance Festival is colour but the "Dress Codes" are all optional so please feel free to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable to dance

Friday evening = Welcome Dance in  "Team Colours" - wear a t-shirt or something else to represent your local dance scene/group/club etc or if you come from more of a "Vintage" dance scene wear something colourful to represent that, even wear your favourite sports team colours if you prefer

Saturday Afternoon = Tea Dance in Green (Swing For Macmillan)  - wear something Green as we do some fundraising with a raffle/collection & cake! (Airedale Swing Dance Community have supported various local & national charitable causes including Macmillan Cancer Support with a series of our Swing For Macmillan Tea Dances generating over £4000 for this fantastic charity to date)

Saturday Evening = Party in Blue- wear something Blue to party with Alligator Gumbo as we intend to finish the evening off with some late night Slow Swing & Blues music to wind down with after the main party

Sunday Afternoon = Tea Dance in Red - wear something Red at our farewell tea dance but in any case come prepared eat cake as baking contributions are usually plentiful at Airedale Swing Dance Community Tea Dance events

Registration is opens: Full Weekend Passes @ £45 each (a wait list may come into operation at certain stages of the registration process if the Lead/Follow ratio becomes unbalanced beyond a reasonable tolerance level but we will do our best to ensure that everyone who wants to attend this event is able to do so)

Refund/Transfer Policy: Passes are non-refundable but may be transferred to someone else with the same primary role, please keep the organisers informed of any changes to your requirements

Safety in Swing Dance: STEPS Code will be applied at all ASDC classes/events & by registering for Airedale Swing Dance Festival 2020/2021 you confirm understanding of & agree to abide by the guidelines published in the Safety Policy (see the About ASDC page on this website)

Privacy Policy: By registering for Airedale Swing Dance Festival 2020/2021 you confirm understanding of our published Privacy Policy Statement to enable us to maintain our responsibilities within current GDPR legislation (see the About ASDC page on this website)

Festival Information Pack: To follow

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